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Hey, folks, just wanted to share some of the news here in Arequipa. The week started off with my own power point presentation featuring some of the highlights of the ongoing work in   Arequipa, Viraco and Machahuay. I was invited to speak at the 10am service and again at the 5pm service, Sunday. It was a challenge but with help from Greg and Johaida, the granddaughter here at the house, the power point finally came together.  

As you know, my home base family, the Medinas, have been active in a church that their family helped build and establish 35 years ago. David Medina, one of the sons who lives here at the house, remembers when he was an adolescent, moving dirt to dig the foundation and the basement of the building using buckets to haul the dirt away. They sometimes slept at the construction site to keep poachers and thieves from taking over the lot or its contents.

Later his father would be a pastor there and later yet, his younger brother would pastor the church for a season.

It was my great pleasure this week to participate in the ordination ceremony of David and his wife, Noami. They have been preparing for this honor and great responsibility for many years but the process began in earnest last October, 2016. Along with them were others from the church who were officially called to be missionaries and evangelists. There was a couple from the jungle city of Iquitos who, as missionaries, have planted a church in Iquitos, Peru. A woman who has served alongside of her husband for many years and had served the women and children faithfully was made a pastor as well. It was a joyful and proud time for the entire congregation of Cristo Vive. Pastors from Sweden and Brazil as well as Pastors from Lima,  Juliaca, Arequipa and Chincha joined us for the ordination ceremony and the missions  workshops that proceeded and followed the Wednesday evening ordination. In all there were 35 visitors and guests to feed each day. 

For my part, I helped clean the sanctuary as needed, dry dishes, and by special invitation was asked to pray in English for Peru. It was an emotional evening of praise and worship. Pastor Berti from Sweden brought the excellent message reminding us of the awesome responsibility and privilege to be called as a servant of our Lord.

I participated in the workshops on missions not only as an interested student but as a translator for our missionary from India who is just learning Spanish. Funny, huh, I translated Spanish back to English! 

It has been quite the week. 

Blessings to all who have been interested in this work and who have helped further it with prayers as well as your gifts.


Many thanks,