Living Cross

For 28 years I have attempted occasionally to add up the hours of work it takes to prepare and present the Living Cross. We can figure the hours that are spent in “scheduled” activities like Choir and Drama rehearsals, Joint rehearsals when the lighting, sound, props, costumes and make-up groups come together; even days when Calvin Miller and David Eakins organized the “crew” to construct the cross. But from the beginning when David Eakins, Ben McPherson, Charlie Swart and Alton Bass (1989 Building & Grounds) spent many months designing and constructing the cross for the first time, it has been impossible to track all the personal and “behind the scenes” hours people have devoted to this ministry: 

Choir members, Instrumentalists, Drama, Lighting, Sound, Props, Costume, Make-up, Ushers, Greeters, Parking & Security Teams, Set designers, Builders & Painters, Banner designers and Creators, Publicity Team, Child-Care volunteers, Meal preparation volunteers, our Pastor's and Staff who all support and participate in this Ministry!  Most importantly, the countless hours that many have spent in prayer for the Living Cross!!


Keep PraiSing Him!!