High School Bible Study

9TH through 12TH GRADE: Our High School students, like our Middle School students, study a variety of Bible Studies, but primarily use the Gospel Project by Lifeway Students.  BRING A PENCIL AND YOUR BIBLE OR BIBLE APPLICATION.  SNACKS WILL BE SERVED.

Our Middle School and High School students meet in Building A Room 505

This study leads students on a three-year journey through the Bible.  It highlights 99 essential Christian Doctrines.  It shows students how Christ connects with all of Scripture and challenges students to see how God's story changes their own story.

  • Volume 1: The God Who Creates                                                                       The students will explore about what happened in the "beginning" as God laid the foundation of the earth and then established a path for the redemption of His people through His covenant with Abraham.
  • Volume 2: A Wandering People                                                                           Continues the story of God's plan of redemption.  It's been hundreds of years since Joseph brought his family to Egypt.  Once free and prosperous, they are a people in bondage, calling out for rescue.  Groups will explore ho god rescued His people and revealed to them their need for a greater redemption still...the redemption of their hearts from sin.
  • Volume 3: Longing For A King                                                                                      In Volume 3, God's people live in the promised land, but they are not free.  Their rebellion against their Redeemer has led to their oppression.  They long for a King to overthrow their enemies and lead them into prosperity.
  • Volume 4: The Coming Rescue                                                                                    In "The Coming Rescue", God's people are enslaved once again, having forsaken the true God for idols made by human hands.  but even though they run from Him, God continues to pursue them.  In this volume, groups will learn how God pursued His people with a promise...the rescue from the captivity to sin, and the coming of their Redeemer.
  • Volume 5: God With Us                                                                                      This Volume begins in the New Testament.  God has been silent for 400 years, until, finally, an angel appears to a priest, a young girl, and a carpenter.  It was time for God's Rescuer to arrive.  In this volume, groups will see how God's plan of redemption culminated in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, the promised Rescuer...God Himself.
  • Volume 6: The Kingdom On Earth                                                                       In The Kingdom On Earth, we continue in the New Testament and see that the Gospel was on the move.  The good news of God's rescue of sinners spread from a handful of followers to a multinational movement, one people made from every tribe, tongue and nation.  In this volume, groups will see how God's plan of redemption culminates not in an ending, but a new beginning...a new creation where God will live forever with His people.