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2021 - 52 Sundays

Chase & Laura Feindel

Vista, California - NAMB

December 5, 2021

About 40 million people live in California, one of our greatest missions challenges.

Less than an hour's drive north of San Diego, North American missionaries Chase and Laura Feindel are serving in the city of Vista, which has a population of 100,000.

Vista is a beautiful area near the Pacific, but few people follow Christ.  Out of more than 3 million people who live in and around San Diego, only about 10% say they are evangelical Christians.

Literally hundreds of new churches are needed.

Beginning to fill this void, Chase and Laura have set up home groups and are trying various ways to make their new church known in the community.

During the pandemic, they've continued meeting when they could do so safely and have moved to outside gatherings at a ranch-type conference center.

Our North American Mission Board has sent a number of missionaries like Chase and Laura to the San Diego area because of the massive spiritual needs - and more are needed.

Our church supports Chase and Laura through our Cooperative Program giving as they try to reach the lost with the love of a Savior.

Let's pray for them now.