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2022 - 52 Sundays

Craig & Maggie


Valor Church

Kansas City, MO

January 30, 2022

Pray for us as we strategize next steps for future church planting locations.  Pray long-term leaders will step up from within our very transient church community.  Also, pray for our coffee shop ministry, Coffee Sknobs, as through it we continue to reach our community daily.

"Join me in praying God will send more qualified men to Kansas City to plant healthy, reproducing churches.  Pray our current churches would take steps toward becoming Multiplying Churches.  Pray our current planters would have a gospel impact on our great city!"

- Matt Miller, Kansas City Send City Missionary

2,042,272 - people live in metro Kansas City

71% - of the population is estimated as lost

1 SBC church for every 7,765 Kansas City residents