Prayer Wall

Welcome to Wrightsboro Baptist Church's "Prayer Wall".  You're welcome to share your prayers with the community here, write an anonymous prayer, share a prayer with the church staff only, or pray for other prayers on this page.  We are all a community, nobody prays alone.  Please share your prayers and prayer requests here with us.

Lord, hear our prayers


Pray that Jason & family would recognize Jesus loves them and trust Jesus as their Savior and Lord.


This is a prayer for God to bring my boys back together. Dss is tring to get me to trade one for another. It's horrible that they are lying and trying to rip our little family apart. Sky and Jeremiah need the Lord to protect them and bring them home. No weapon formed against us shall prosper.... God will raise a standard against those that try to harm us and DSS has not been honest and upfront. Please Lord I need your help in facing this giant. God please help me and show me the way...what to do...what to say...where to go...thank you Father for getting us a place... it's in Silver Lake and a mile from Silver Lake BAptist church. I don't wanna leave my Wrightsboro family so please help me get my license back in September. Lord keep us and don't let us go. We need you more than ever. I am nothing without you. You are my strength and my salvation and I am grateful for you and your constant LOVE and guidance and protection from those that wish to harm us. I pray the blood of Jesus Christ over my family


Please pray for me. I struggle a lot with being single. Please pray that Jesus Christ will help me find a wife. I need God's mercy and grace. I truly appreciate your prayers. Thank you.


Please pray for me, Jeremiah, and Sky that God brings us back together. That it is His Will. I have done everything that am supposed to to get them back from DSS but DSS has lied and cheated and stalled on my case and in dealing with the courts time is of essence when your children are in foster care. EVEN though I am very involved and never lost touch with my boys and stayed clean DSS is trying to take my kids away. They have lied and cheated and stolen time away from me and my boys by lying. Please pray that no weapon formed against us shall prosper. That God will protect us and give me the strength and knowledge to go up against this giant with seeming insurmountable odds. Please also pray that we find housing because no one seems to like section 8 and time is running out. God protect my little family. I know I"m not the best of your flock but I am loyal to you Father. I love you FAther and I am sorry that I let you down in past. I am new person. I am made new by the blood of Jesus Christ and I am claiming His promise to me that he will raise a standarad against my enemies. I will not tell God how bit this problem is... I am telling my problem that they don't know how BIG and STRONG and POWERFUL my God is. In Jesus's beautiful name- Amen


One of my husband’s dearest friends son shot himself in the head last night. He is in a hospital in Rock Hill, South Carolina. They have been told he is not expected to make it. Please pray for this family.