WBC's COVID-19 Reopening Plans

The time has finally arrived and we are ready for the next step to resume inside worship services!  Please know that your health and safety are a top priority for our WBC staff team.  So keep in mind that these plans are subject to change due to the unfolding situation regarding the COVID-19 Virus.

Below we will answer frequently asked questions and try to explain how we see Sunday's happening.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

When and where will we hold our indoor worship service?

We will be offering one indoor worship service.  Doors will open at 9:45am and the service will begin at 10:00am in the Sanctuary.  Keep in mind, we will be taking everyone's temperature. 

How many people can attend the service?

In order to maintain physical distance, there will be a limit of 110 people inside the Sanctuary.  The first 110 people will be able to be seated inside.  The service will be broadcast live into the parking lot area through an FM Transmitter (98.1 FM).  So the overflow will remain in the air conditioned comfort of their vehicle and tune in live through their car radio.  The radio station will be announced soon!

Due to health concerns, I am not ready to come back inside for worship.  What should I do?

Know that your decision will be respected!  Please exercise caution.  Just because we are coming back inside, doesn't mean all should.  That decision is up to each individual.

As mentioned above, we NOW HAVE AN FM Transmitter (98.1 FM) installed so that you can still come on campus, remain in your air conditioned vehicle and worship with all of us through your car radio.

We will also have a LIVE "online" option available.  The service can be viewed by accessing a link on our Facebook page.  Also, the service will be recorded and available on our website by Monday afternoon.  And if you prefer, we will have a CD recording of the service available as well.  Please contact the office if you would like a CD of the service.

How will we maintain safety and physical distance with 110 people at the worship service?

In General:

  • Based upon the Governor's requirement, we highly encourage you to wear a mask.
  • Your temperature will be taken prior to entering the Sanctuary.
  • We will not pass the offering plates.  There will be six locked offering collection boxes available for you to give your tithes and offerings.  For those that are outside worshiping, a Safety Team member will be available to collect your tithe and offerings.
  • We will not pass out bulletins
  • Go easy on your morning coffee...but the bathrooms will be accessible.  Disinfectant wipes and spray will be available for you to use to disinfect surfaces before and after you use the bathroom.
  • Please bring your children into the worship service with you.  If you need to take them out during the service, the Choir Room will be available for you to use and still listen to the service.
  • Please exercise care for yourself and consideration for others and refrain from coming inside if you have any of the COVID-19 symptoms.

For the main Sanctuary 10am Service:

  • While maintaining physical distance, we will only enter at the main doors on the drive through / north side of the Sanctuary.
  • Go directly into the Sanctuary and have a seat in the pews designated for sitting.
  • Family units (and folks "like" family) can sit together if you want, but maintain 6 feet between family units on the designated pews.
  • At the end of the service, you will be directed to leave through the two exits at the front of the Sanctuary.

What about Sunday morning Bible Study groups and Wednesday night activities?

We are not going to resume Sunday morning Bible Study groups and our indoor Wednesday night Bible Study and Prayer Time.  We are however looking into an outdoor Bible Study and Prayer Time option on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm under the picnic shelter.  More information regarding this will be available soon.  In the meantime we encourage you to reserve the picnic shelter (please call to reserve as the picnic shelter is being used a lot during this time) or meet using ZOOM to connect with each other.