Children's Bible Study (3rd - 5th Grade)

3RD through 5TH GRADE: Each week the kids will learn that the Gospel means "GOOD NEWS".  They will hear the message about Christ, the Kingdom of God and about Salvation.  They will learn to make God famous, develop a servants heart, help out our community by doing mission projects, teach about how important it is to obey your parents and also learn to love one another.  The Classroom for 3rd - 5th Grade is located in Building A, Rm 503

Since the time of Adam and Eve, everyone has chosen to disobey God.  This is called SIN.  Sin separates us from God and deserves punishment and death.

God had a plan to send the MESSIAH to be the perfect solution to our sin problem.  The prophet Jeremiah shared about the Messiah in his writings.

Jesus, the Messiah, lived a perfect life, died on the cross for our sins and rose again.

Sometimes we don't understand what is happening or why it is happening.  Especially lately.  Read Isaiah 55: 8-11; Jeremiah 17: 7-8; Psalm 40: 1-5.  These verses will help you understand why it is important to ALWAYS trust in GOD. 
Explore The Bible / Older Kids by Lifeway Kids pages 10 & 28

* We take your child's safety very seriously.  Every child must be dropped off by a parent or guardian and picked up by a parent or guardian.