Be diligent to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who doesn’t need to be ashamed,
correctly teaching the word of truth.

2 Timothy 2:15

Day of WeekTime Class Leaders  Life Group NameLocation

9:30 am.     Dr. Tim Smith   Co-Ed Group 50+         Building A 100A

9:30 am.      Steve Benton  Mens’ AAW           Building A 102A

9:30 am     Gail Jernigan   Ladies Eagles              Building A 209
Janet Smithey
Lean Dillon

9:30 amJohn & Shirley Strovers    The Upper Room Co-Ed (25-45)Building A 301

9:30 amKent Harrell  G.A.P. (Co-Ed 18-25)       Building A 302
Jeff & Sharron Martin

9:30 amBill White  Grown Ups (Co-Ed).        Building A 307
Mary Ann Simmons

9:30 amTom Jewell  Men/Nick Mintz (60+).   Building A 403 (Chapel)            

9:30 amErnest Gainey  G.I.F.T. (Co-Ed)              Building A 405 (Chapel)                      

9:30 amArnold Murray  Lamplighters (Co-Ed).     Building A 406 (Chapel)              

9:30 amKay Seeger  Ladies Growth                     Building C (Fellowship Hall)            

9:30 amCindy Plankers  The Seekers                     Building C (Media Center)
Kathy Wheeler              
Joyce Wommack

6:00 pm Pastor Eddie Eaton                     Pastors Bible Study (Revelation)Building B
6:30 pmGreg Danford  Iron Sharpens Iron.                 Building C (Fellowship Hall)                          

6:30 pmPastor EddieAdult Bible Study  (Genesis)                   Building B